1. When can I join MNHB?

    You may join at any time. However, you may find that if you are a beginner it will be easier to join at the beginning of the Fall or Spring semester. Please email Donna at monadnewhorizonsband@gmail.com

2. I don't read music. Will you teach music reading?

    Yes, we will teach you to read music. We will also start playing music immediately. There is plenty of music to play as you are learning to read notes and rhythms.

3. Where do I get an instrument?

    If you do not have your own instrument, we have made arrangements with Ellis Music to provide rentals of new instruments. 

4. I have an old instrument. Is that ok?

    Many old instruments or even not so old instruments will need some work to get them back to playing condition. It's important that that the instrument works well so you can get the best sound possible with the least effort. You don't want the instrument to hold you back. We have some repair people we are in touch with that will take a look at your instrument and let you know what it will take to get it playing again.

5. What else do I need to have to participate?

    You will need to be over the age of 18, and you will need an instrument,  a method book(for beginners) and a music stand. We will assist you in getting all of these things. Also, please bring a sense of humor and the desire to have a great time learning together.

6. Which rehearsal do I go to?

     You may go to both rehearsals each week or just one of them. Tuesday evening will be the primary rehearsal.

7. What’s the difference between the two rehearsals?

    There will be a Tuesday evening rehearsal and for part of each semester, a Thursday midday rehearsal. The Tuesday evening rehearsal will the main rehearsal where we will have a rehearsal for intermediate players, a session for beginners and also smaller groups of like instruments to rehearse the band music as well as work on chamber music. Thursday’s midday rehearsal will start half way into the semester be with Donna and Phil and will focus primarily on jazz improvisation. The Thursday rehearsal will be a drop in class and you are welcome to attend as many as you'd like.

8. When will I be able to play my first concert?

    We will have a concert at the end of each semester and everyone will be able to participate. Each year we also participate in a joint concert with other New Horizons bands. Your best is good enough!!!

9. What can I hope to get out of participating in MNHB?

    The obvious answer is you will experience the joy of making music with others. But perhaps, more importantly, an opportunity for personal growth, the chance to make new friends, increased opportunities to participate in other music projects with your family, your church or even with a local town band and the personal benefits, both cognitively and emotionally, of creating music.