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Music Topics/Worksheets

Being a Great Ensemble Player - Link to a great way to look at how to make your best contribution to the group

Playing in a small ensemble - How to set up your chamber ensemble

Transposition Chart - This chart will help you determine what concert pitch means for your instrument.

C Instruments - Flute, Oboe, Bells, Trombone, Euphonium Bass Clef, Tuba, Electric Bass

Bb Instruments - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, tenor sax, trumpet, Baritone Treble clef

Eb Instruments - Alto Sax

F Instruments - French Horn

Keyed Instruments - Find out why many instruments are in different keys and what is meant by the term 'Concert key'.

Posture, Breathing, and glasses(seeing the music)!!

Major Scales - Learn about Whole Steps, Half Steps and major scales and how to figure out the scales for yourself.

Online Tools - A sample of some useful music websites and apps

Intervals - Learn what the interval of a third, a sixth, a seventh, etc. means and get some ideas how to hear these intervals.

Musical Markings - What does Allegro mean? How about dolce?

Time Signatures - What does 4/4, 6/8, 3/4 really mean?

Listening Links for Fall 2019

Activity March by Harold Bennett arr. Larry Clark

A Sailor's Odyssey arr. David Bobrowitz

On Wisconsin arr. Paul Lavender

In Search of the Lost Ship by James Swearingen

Coldwater Creek by Robert Sheldon

A Yiddish Lullaby arr. Robert Sheldon

Birdland by Joseph Zawinul arr. John Berry

Blues In Hoss Flat by Basie & Foster arr. Rick Stitzel

March from Scipio by Handel arr. Stephen Bulla

Lincolnshire Posy by Percy Grainger arr. Michael Ryan